Pastry chef
Celebrate the Pastry Chef in your life
Celebrate the Pastry Chef in your life
Find a Pastry Chef Program

The smell of fresh baked bread is in the air and your thoughts go to becoming a pastry chef!  Attaining this dream is not out of your reach if you know where to start looking.  Your first goal would be to narrow down what type of Pastry Chef Program you are most interested in.  Would you like to specialize in bread baking; or maybe cake decorating or French pastries? 

The decision to attend a pastry chef program will need a little research on your part.  Each schools program is geared in certain directions depending on their teaching staff. 

First decide if you want to go away to school or stay near your home to attend a pastry chef program.  Once you have decided what you want to do and what your interests are geared towards, the United States has literally hundreds of pastry chef programs.  Find the name of a few schools that peak your interest and inquire a bit of the history and philosophy of the school.

Another great step to take in achieving your goal of becoming a pastry chef is to visit some of the local bakeries in your home town and ask to speak to their top chef.  Inquire about the schooling they obtained, if they liked their school or if they have any relevant information about pastry schools.  They may even have some knowledge or connections that could help you in your goal of ing the perfect pastry chef program for you.

When looking for a quality pastry chef program remember to look for a program that will not only teach you great baking techniques but also the science behind baking.  Classes in biology and disease prevention are invaluable in obtaining an immense knowledge of your career choice.  Unlike being a culinary chef, a pastry chef is part scientist too, so try to pick a program that will cover this type of class.

If your aspirations are to eventually to own your own bakery then a business degree or at the least some type of accounting class or small business informational class that will benefit you in running your own business. 

There's so much to think about and to learn about this fast paced and rewarding career.  The more you learn the better you will be prepared to make the right decision for you.
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